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The actress book: a biography Of Weinstein has written for the New York Times about her during the shooting of the film “Frida”

New York, New York. Hollywood actress Salma Hayek has shown, in a story written for the newspaper “The New York Times, the assaults and trauma they have suffered, the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is known in recent weeks after a series of complaints about his behavior to the fore. To try according to her, the would have been a Weinstein ‘ s, to get them to take a shower, and even oral sex on her, and then, after all the denials, in the past, deal with her anger.

In the text of Salma’s back to the year 2002, when it was first released, the film “Frida,” in which she played a leading role. She said that in the time of the empire, the career, the as a synonym for quality, and although he began on his journey, your movie with another company, she fought to try and get it into the hands of the producers. Salma ‘ s account, what I knew, a little career, about his friendship with Director Robert Rodriguez and his wife, producer Elizabeth avellan hairstyles.

“All that I know Of, to was that the time that it had an intellect, and strong, he was a loyal friend and a father of a family.” “Knowing what I know now, I wonder whether it is not saved for the sake of my friendship with them and with Quentin Tarantino and George Clooney, to me, is raped,” he reflects. She said that the agreement with the Lord. Weinstein predicted that he will pay for the rights to the work you are doing. As a producer, you take out a loan for you, but not the payment would not” that it was unusual for a production company, a woman in the 90’s”.

He was also asked to sign a contract, in which I thought many other films with Miramax, a producer of career”, it concretizaria Salma says my status as the main actress”,. “I don’t care for the money, I was so excited to work with him and the company. In my naivety I thought it would be my dream come true. It has been checked in the last 14 years of my life and nobody gave me a chance to be me, a. He said “Yes”. Little did I know it would be my turn to say, ‘no,’ he said.

“‘No’ to open the door at all hours of the night, the hotel is located behind the hotel, the rental back to the rental car, where he would show up unexpectedly, including on a Website, on which I was working on a movie in which he was involved. ‘No,’ to take a bath with him. ‘No,’ to let him watch me under the shower. ‘No,’ so let me do a massage. ‘No,’ to let a friend bare on him to give me a massage. “No,” to him oral sex on me……. ‘No’ to naked with another woman. Not, not, not, not,” she vented.

And then she says that she has begun to Wake up to the fury of the career, the promises to get revenge in the way of your life. “In a fit of pique, he said,” I will not kill you, I don’t'” believe, that you said you. “In their own eyes, and I was not an artist. I was not even a man. I used to be a thing, and that’s not a no, but it is a body,” he continued.

To stresses other times, the importance of the complaints are from other people who are the victims of harassment from the manufacturer: “If so many women have come forward to describe what had been done to Harvey for you, and I had to me with my anxiety and accept that it is my story, no matter how important it is for me, it was nothing more than a drop in an ocean of sadness and confusion.”