Scarlett Johansson is the return to the past in the new trailer for ‘Black widow’


Scarlett Johansson that is, the real star of “Black widow”, which he won in a new trailer released by the studio Marvel comics on his Twitter account and on YouTube this Monday (9th). In the pictures, meet Natasha Romanoff, before the Avengers”, with a side of heroin, the you never-before-seen,” according to the Marvel universe.

In the film land of the heroin 30 comes out in theaters on April, with the Robert Downey Jragain, like Iron Man. Still a baby, and Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), is handed over to the KGB, which prepares you to be their agent for the final approval.

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Written by an author for the American Jack Schaeffer, “the black widow” is a man of the Australian led from the camera Cate Shortlandthe first woman to run by it on a movie from the Marvel Studios.

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