Scarlett Johansson shows engagement ring “diferentão” of R$ 1.6 million, 27/07/2019


To display the latest news from Marvel during the San Diego Comic-Con, Scarlett Johansson, attention to the news about the Black widow, but also for your engagement ring.has not

With a commitment to the comedian Colin Jost is too long may be, this is the first time that she shows a jewel in the crown in the public – and what a gem! The part of Taffin by James de Givenchy has a diamond and 11-carat light-brown wrapped in a circle and the curves are very different from the classic models:

According to the jewelers in an Interview with Elle us on the piece, it would have a value of between$ 200 thousand and$ 450 thousand (that is, between us$ 755 billion, and$ 1.6 million)!

And the artists, the once-Dauriac (2014 to 2017) and Ryan Reynolds (2008-2011), married to Romain, you come to the entrance of the bride with the precious stones on the little finger of his appointment:

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