Shakira and a funny video shows the “delicacies” of the table of the video clip of ” like “fish grain”


A few days ago premiere of the new song of Shakira celebrated in addition to Anuela AA with the title “like Me”, the song caused a big splash in the social networks, because the female figure in the video before a few demands on your partner, such as “no attention, the want to used to fix everything in the bed and feels”. Shakira makes a woman empowered, ready to change your reality. The video is from the 10,000 million views, which he is very happy the singer is.

Recently, the Colombian is a fun video shared with its 65 million followers on Instagram, where he shows a little behind the scenes of the video. Shakira shows the unusual dishes were on the table: fish concereales, ducks oilcloth orange, spaghetti with diamonds, sushi with sequins, octopus lie and gums is the only one to consume what is the partner of Gerard Piqué could. At the end of the short video, the singer insured, then it would show more.

In just a few minutes, the publication of already collected a further 341 views and hundreds of comments, in which their followers are distinguished the “good wave” and the beauty of Shakira. Due to its international fame, the messages are in different languages, between those who govern, in English and German.