Shakira how unfaithful?: photo circulates in networks, compromising with another man


Shakira and Gerard Pique you have to be a solid partner in a dream, very stable and loving who is not afraid to be proven, with the love that you have, in front of a larger audience. However, it seems that not everything is so rosy, as there are rumors that she is unfaithful her husband, and, in fact, photo circulates in networks, compromising with another man.

Also, tell evil tongues, that Shakira under an extramarital relationship with an actornot exactly who. It is true that the rumors have intensified, with the values of notice of absence Pique in the show his wife in the Super-Bowl-2020 strategy, where they shared the stage with Jennifer Lopez.

And that is, on this day, a special career, because not everyone is invited to participate in the half-time break of the super bowl, and much less than the number of stellar. Without a doubt, surprise you and JLo’s of the world, and loved you with a of the shows to make it more attractive, had to the event.

Also, on the same day, both Shakirathe player who fulfilled years of age, and the crossed km distanceyou are in the Super Bowl, and it is a game that would have been plays, the excuse.

However, strong rumors suggest that things between them are very good, and even a photo has been circulating in the social networks on which it is displayed Shakira in the sea, kissing a man, not Pique.

However, the photo is taken, to far away and not to see the identity, so a simple misunderstanding could it is, since there are those who claim that the photo is old, and that it’s her ex Antonio de la Rúa.

While others say that they try, pictures of the recording of the video-musical Shakira with Anuel AAAI like”that will be released soon.

And although none of the two, nothing said, the rumors are running like wildfire in the social networksthere is speculated to be a beautiful relationship that was created in the year 2010, the birth, the small Milan and Sasha. We hope that it is just a simple speculation.

If you want to see, the photo flows in the networks, dale CLICK HERE.