Shakira Martinez and Alba Ed-Dounia thrilled the audience at her concert in the Teatro Castelar


The artist eldenses derrocharon talent.

The artist eldenses Shakira Martinez and Alba Ed-Dounia commemorated on 8. March, women’s day, with a concert in the Teatro Castelar. Although there is climbing for the first time on this stage with professional artists, have good memories because it was where they started to sing, activities in the schools. Shakira Martinez said: “I sang here with 14 years in the Competition is open to Young talents with The IES la Torreta and I was first.” Alba Ed-Dounia explained that his first one was, as in this place: “My beginnings were in the Festival of carols compared to the school Santa María del Carmen“.

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During the concert, Shakira, Martinez sang “My Marciana”, “you haven’t gone Yet”, “Today I want you” and “struggle for money”. In the middle of the concert, she has a surprise for the public, as he, his grandmother, Lina Vargasin order to sing on the stage. Vargas sang several songs, such as “And yet I love you“. For his part, Alba Ed-Dounia his concert began with a video in which she spoke of her personal and professional life. Then they played famous songs such as “Chiquitita”, “broken dreams”, “how it is” or “I won’t give up”. At the conclusion of the concert, the two sang together,”You’ve lost who I am” by Vanesa Martin.

The singers took advantage of the opportunity to be tribute to the women and equal opportunities for women’s day“This is a great responsibility, with the music, the message, that they are women of value,” said Shakira Martínez.

Both boys work in various projects. Alba Ed-Dounia ultima Is the next song: “novel and I of my experiences in the music“. Shakira Martínez, for his part, explains that currently he works in cooperation and in the formation of their group.