She goes on the list of the richest women in the world


She Was, has a fortune worth$ 670 million. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

She Was in a a ranking of the magazine Gorilla Rich, on Thursday (the 26th), with beautiful views over london. In this list, it will appear on the 11th place, with a fortune of 160 billion dollars, the approximately $ 670 million.

The ranking also carries such names as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who were top, and the Show surpassed names such as Miley Cyrus (12), Angelina Jolie (in the 13. Place) and Demi Moore (14.).

In a career that long, she already has two Latin Grammy awards on her shelf, for 35 albums, children -, and 18-movies, in addition to the well-known TV programs, such as Kids Club (1983-86), X, the Show (1986-1992), game Show (1992),’ Planeta Xuxa (1997) and the TV Show (2005-14).

Check out the list of artists of the richest in the world.:

1) Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (US$): $ 300 million
2) Mia Wasikowska, US$ 275 million
3) Paget Brewster): US$ 245 million
4) Sasha and Alexander: A$ 215-million
5) by Victoria Main): US$ 200 million
6) Jennifer Aniston-US$ 200 million
7) Julia Louis-Dreyfus:$ 200 Million
8) and Tracey Ullman: A$ 199.5 million
9), and Cathrine Deneuve, AT$ 185 million.
10) Krysten Ritter is APPROXIMATELY$ 185 million
11) in the case of the boys Was:$ 160 million
12) Miley Cyrus-US$ 160 million
13) Angelina Jolie: THE$ 160 million
14) and Demi Moore (US$): $ 150 million
15) Jessica Szohr:$ 145 Million
16) Audrey Tautou:$ 145 Million
17); and Frances Fisher, US$ 145 million.
18) with Julia Roberts, AT$ 140 million
19), Jennifer Lawrence (US$): $ 130 million
20); Drew Barrymore:$ 125 Million

Source: WHO