Taylor Swift gets close to a role in ‘chronicle of a vampire’ – News series


‘Legacies’, the second ‘spin-off’ series, stands on the platform of ‘streaming’ HBO.

For the past three years, Chronic prosieben separated after eight years from the audience and even surprised with the one or other secret of the shooting. The last secret, the fiction was presented by actress Nina Dobrev who played Elena, Katherine and Amara in the same series.

In full promocioón your next movie, Run This Town, Dobrev on revealed, more E! News the pop star Taylor Swift have almost reached a small role in the vampire series.

We hear that Taylor was a fan of the series and the producers were trying to write a paper for you, but did not work problems with the agenda. It would be great

The fact that the singer had come in, show in, the show would have been a special reason for the increase in the popularity of the title, achieved in 2010 in his second season. In the same year, Swift records hit with her third album ‘Speak Now’.

On the other hand, Legacies continue to hold the franchise on the small screen. The first full season and the second edition of the ‘spin-off’, played by Danielle Rose Russell (Hope), Matthew Davis (Alaric), Kaylee Bryant (Josie) and Aria Shahghasemi (Landon), including available on HBO.

Source: Comicbook