Thalia shares photo looks just like the Jennifer Lopez


Thalia and Jennifer Lopez are two famous latinas who have managed to bear their race to the summit of success

A few weeks ago Thalia they in addition shared a photo Jennifer Lopez, after this compare the user to a great physical similarity between them.

Without a doubt, have learned two famous Latin, to bear their race to the summit of success, the to be impressed with his great talent and constant work, not to mention its beauty to millions of users in social networks.

Even if each of them is in the rule message separately, this time it was through a shared photo on your Instagram by Thalia both are many in the mouth… It turns out that there is great similarity between them.

This whole confusion was then that Thalia shared a photo with a braid, the colour of the hair and a few pupilentes green color gave the impression that it’s not the singer, of Mexican, but the Queen of the Bronx.

“The beauty, but not who it is”, “where are you, Thalia, or JLo Are?”, “I thought for a second was JLo”, “I Thought you were Jennifer Lopez”, were some of the comments that he is famous on your account of Instagram. Also, there were people that compared to Belinda and Anahi.

It is worth noting that this image will be announced in the next few days as a surprise for their fans, those who claim that it expected a new video, the eagerly.