The can turn UNDER-THE-SKIN | sci-fi movie with Scarlett Johansson in a TV series



Under The Skinlaunched in 2014, with the Scarlett Johanssonit is a film for those who get you to watch uncomfortable. Under The Skin (Under the skinfilm science fiction what is going on in Scotland, and it shows a race of aliens, who on earth among the people. A hierarchy of the character of the is defined, Scarlett Johansson the mission is to win, the human men in order to extract, for your skin to, as a “garment” for the aliens, in a process that is bizarre.

Under The Skin it is based on the novel of the Michel Faber (The petals and Scarlet-and-White), where we see an alien that turns out to be added comfortable in his skin and led to his own downfall, the coming people.

Under the skin - sci-fi movie with Scarllet Johansson in a row

Seven years after the publication of the Under The Skinseen in a discussion of how the mass-produced, and the rights, due to the closure of the company that produced the film, and with a 24 and Silver Reel To produce fights over the rights to the series.

Under the skin - sci-fi movie with Scarllet Johansson

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