The extreme measure of Taylor Swift, has to avoid sexual aggression: surveillance cameras focus on one area of your body


After you sexually assaulted in 2013, Taylor Swift you revealed that you surveillance cameras with a focus on its back used when you meet with your fans.

In the statement, that it is the center of The Guardian he mentioned that the surveillance cameras of the surroundings after the DJ-David Müller played in the back while they did a photo shoot in the Pepsi Center, Colorado.

The singer, the 29-year-old sued the DJ with what he won the court case against them in august 2017, and then only he asked for a dollar. The reason why he claims that the dollar was not a reference to bullying only you, but all women’s lives.

This happened before the start of the movement #MeToo in different parts of the world of the spectacle.

Taylor discussed the measures, which take you and your team now that you are sexually assaulted, now that the cameras show intentionally the lower half of his body.

I don’t have the luck, that I happened before. But that was one of the reasons why he was such a traumatic experience. I just didn’t know that could happen. It was really rude, in front of seven people,” he said.

“If something were to occur again, we can try it, with video footage from all angles”, he mentioned the interpreter, “Love Story”.

In august 2017, a jury eight members stood on the side of Taylor as regards the counter-claim of the DJ Mueller in Denver.

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Talk of the case in court, when she said: “it Is assumed that they behave in court and say back “. The other lawyer was, and said: When touched your butt?’ And I said: ‘o A **! Oh, call it what it is!”, he reiterated the singer.

After nearly four hours of deliberation, the jury of six women and two men, decided in favor of Swift. Reason Müller had to pay a dollar in damages to the singer.

During the trial, Swift Müller has drunk, as a “” she touched his bare back, after you place the rock and left him in the hand “addictive”.

“He lifted up my skirt and grabbed my cheek in the Nude”, Swift told the jury in the civil process. “It was an attempt, the final one, not a nudge”.

After re-consultation of the lawyer of Müller, Swift told the jury that the stalker and his girlfriend seemed intoxicated by your event.

She said that this was not the fault of his ex-bodyguard, did not stop the attack, Müller, and said to the jury: “I do not criticize, do my bodyguard, nothing, the criticism of their customers (Mueller) hit with the hand under my skirt and grabbed my butt”.

If the respondents about how he felt about the Miller’s lost their job because of the accusations, the undersigned, replied: “I’m not going to let your customer feel me, that you my fault though, because you can’t do it”.

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She said that she feels nothing of Müller as a person: “I don’t know him, but what he did was negligible”.

“I know that he was there. He didn’t need a photograph. I could him out of a line of thousands of people. I know exactly who did this, what happened. It happened to me. I know that he was there,” he repeated.

They arrested a man with the tools of theft outside of the house Taylor Swift

A man from Iowa, Usa, went into the planning of the small town in Rhode Island, “visit”, the super-pop-star Taylor Swift, he was arrested and charged with possession of tools, theft, police said on Tuesday.

David Page Liddle, the 32-year-old was arrested at the weekend the police discovered in the town of Westerly with articles, including more than 30 dietrich, a rake, to open the window and a baseball bat made of aluminium.

According to the local newspaper, Liddle I wanted to catch up “with Taylor Swift” and the fact that the personally knew.

The chief of police Shawn Lacey confirmed this information to the AFP news Agency on Tuesday.

The suspect was arrested without incident and a sequence of waste, the forbidden gave them, closer to the features of Swift. Also subject to an assessment of mental health.

It’s not the first time that Swift was in Rhode Island on the weekendis from unwanted visitors.