The Gift” by Beyoncé (2019)


It is very simple, any project that the signature of Beyoncé. And if it is next to him of the fervor, the year, continues to attract each initiative, with associated “The lion king” around the world with a disk that is presented to a tribute to its rebirth in the cinema, more than a safe bet that as a challenge. However, Knowles did not want to settle down and draw the easy way. And in spite of the large accumulation of weaknesses, “The Lion King: The Gift” it is better the data carrier, of what may seem only remotely.

Drawn from his vices-that is the usual time to create and are the Central values of the film, Beyoncé us to talk about relationships, family, conflict, marriage, heritage, self-help… Without something new. However, in the musical, Yes, sets the African part of the music industry (the soundtrack of the “Black Panther”, which is considered a precursor for more live) in the center of the world market, and achieved, once and for all, the United States, with an interest in this sound, afrobeat, which works so well in Europe. Beyoncé is looking to bundle, the essence of the African, the film drives completely without recourse to versions of the classical or sampler, which we would have done, connect you directly. In this way, the way is loaded to the creation of the typical pop album, only by the stars (there is also the there is) to give you the true weight of the project to the great voices of African music that you needed, these dimensions of the big jump.

All in all “The Lion King: The Gift” it is a kind of partnership between the peaks of the r ‘ n ‘ b-Americans, afropop, and hip-hop. Derek Dixie company as a leading producer of the project (in addition to the family), up on the issues, not the star appears on the level of the vocal, so we can see their essence, and their constant involvement in the album. Dixie worked together previously in “Lemonade” in addition to the diva and, more recently, in the “Everything Is Love”, the Carter’s moved. So not know perfectly, that Beyoncé is the new to explore this, the sounds from Africa and bring them to your universe. Therefore, we are a little sad that his first solo-project to speak, a dive in that tone of voice was a kind of tribute to a classic Disney with the danger of oblivion.

Between the highlights of the album, we find a bias in the direction of the dancehall-themes such as “Already” or “Don’t Jealous Me” Wizkid welcome is perfect. A hip hopera, and powerful, “My Power” with the production of the British Moses Boyd and raise the voice for the independence of the woman. A song, pop connects worlds, as Water is “” with a seductive Salathiel and thanks to the input of P2J in the game (figure according to some of the latest hits from Lily Allen, gold link and even Mark Ronson). Or the emotional “Brown Skin Girl”, which, starting from the pomp of other ballads of the disk is reached that Beyoncé fixed a good topic that all women of color in the world in a single (“Brown skin girl, because the skin just like pearls. Your back against the world. I never trade you for anybody else, say”).

However, despite all of this, a hard disk with enough defects. Starting with this supersaturation between games with legendary sets of “The lion king” it destroys the ability to enjoy a flip-album. It is not impossible to separate between subject and subject, and ends up tired. On the other hand, despite the good intentions of Beyoncé, the visibility of African music. Again, we find a project that does not represent the entire continent, but focuses more in the South and West. What about the rest? The same applies to the idea that the album was recorded in its entirety in Los Angeles, and this picture, which Beyoncé has not, for example, through our heads, that pisa Africa in your life.

In addition, it is interesting to note, the weakest of the disc will appear when the star uses his environment American trying to get a hit to artificially. For example, is the case, this “Mood 4 Eva” alongside Jay-Z and Other Gambino. The theme of resting on a sampler of the “Diaraby Baby” Oumou Sangaré (artist from mali, activist, and advocate of women’s rights), and fill in the rhymes poor, misguided production, he works with Dj Khaled. And speaking of try, be, not we can forget this sugar, excessive and sobreproducida “Spirit”, includes the project (and Yes, it is part of the original soundtrack to the film); their intention is just that, clap to the future award ceremonies. To see this, the question is now whether there is a real need, in creating an album so easy by the support of a film or, if it would be saved much smarter, all of these ideas to your next move in the actual development of his solo career.