The heavy charge of a woman against Katy Perry


Days after the actor in the video “Teenage Dream”, the model Josh Kloss, a few Katy Perry, who was accused by sexual aggression, a new indictment falls on the singer: this time, by an interviewer in Russian.

According to the portal Tina Kandelaki, the TV presenter of tv from Russia, said that the singer of “I Kissed a Girl”, have been attacked sexually.

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Photo: Instagram

“On one occasion, invited me to a party with Katy Perry in the show, very cheerful, I chose as the object is the expression of a passion,” said the driver in to your account by Telegram.

The site mentions that the private party sat down against Tina’s, but finally was able to escape, if Katy “was looking for a other woman, with the share of kisses, hugs and dances dirty”.

Kandelaki is not how the year, as it happened-harassment complaint. “What can I say, there were no victims at the party”.

The Russian presenter decided to include these facts, the Kloss after the indictment of the public model, Josh. According to the protagonists of the “Teenage Dream”, the us is trying to go down the pants in public: “he treated Me like a prostitute”.

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