The Pussycat Dolls have Jennifer Lopez as a reference



The return to the music scene of the Pussycat Dolls, the female quintet under the direction of Nicole Scherzinger, made a splash in 2000, was without controversy a couple of months ago for the great clothes and the choreography is so sensual, showed the artists in their first appearances in television nearly a decade: a proposal, have said it all, no difference to those who had in the beginnings of their career.

The only difference was palpable, lived carefully, as some of the generated comments in social networks, in the course of time, and in the fact that Nicole now has a few more than in put right, the 41-year-old. But for a certain audience-and the woofer, which runs suspect in the age of the famous artist, not of their physical or his energy on stage, it seemed, a kind of obstacle to the moral, develop your talent, as I used to.

Fortunately for Nicole and her colleagues, Ashley Roberts, Carmit Bachar, Jessica Sutta and Kimbery Wyatt, the times are changing, and, in General, public opinion is slowly from these social conventions and absurdities of value judgements concern mainly the public image of women, a tendency, which has helped, according to you have stated, the singers, the impressive example of Jennifer Lopez, the 50-year-old, signed in February, along with Shakira, of the 43 measures, the most memorable of his career in the musical break of the Super Bowl.

“We break the rules, we live in a new era in which we will be free. Looks JLo with your 50 years of to leave, the world will enchant and show that you are more fabulous than ever. Or Lizzo, projected a message of love for self and safety,” said Jessica in an interview with the newspaper the Daily Telegraph.

“I would say, if there is a time in your life where you are more provocative, that should be your maturity, if you believe more comfortable in their own skin and if you take over completely, right?” Nicole has condemned in the same conversation, to show that it is not the intention, a few rules of conduct, the rear step, and more and more deciduous trees.