The security agents of Kim Kardashian ‘attack’ to her mother


Kim Kardashian decided to put the security measures in his house in Los Angeles and complicates the access to the apartment of their friends and relatives. Therefore, his mother is, Kris Jennerwanted her daughter realized that her decision was a huge joke.

The matriarch of the clan is allied with Klohé think of the popular ‘influencer’ that security agents had attacked him, to try to enter his house. Kris it came to be commissioned, an ambulance and a stretcher, to the one who did not hesitate to reach out and simulate, which she had worn, a good punch.

“I can’t believe you made it the joke of the centenario. I knew I had to do it fantastic,” he said Kris for the camera and revealed that she had commissioned to embody an actress, in front of the surveillance cameras.

“I can’t believe that my mother and Klohé made, a joke so. You have not had it to this end, in order to recognize me for the things. Now, I think, on a good joke. Monitors mom,” were the words of Kim.

The security agents of Kim Kardashian 'attack' to her mother