Uber offered $ 6 million Beyoncé for a concert. Accept, act a little smarter


Since the beginning of his solo career at the beginning of the last decade, Beyoncé’s little more than an artist, a multi-national company with a million-audience. Will become an icon. The talent and the value of the few public figures to create both consensus like that of Beyoncé in the United States. Is admired for his artistic boldness (tangible, unlike the other figures mainstream), and praised their expertise in commercial matters. The last example proves.

You See, Bey. The history dates back to the year 2015, when Uber inaugurated his reign over the urban mobility, the us. The company stellar course wanted to be celebrating with a private concert for all of their employees. The chosen Beyoncé. The stud offered: $6 million, a number of stratospheric conditions for all of the living people whose names are not Beyoncé. What is your reaction? Way to fall-friendly with the proposal.

Counter-offer. Beyoncé, the affect the event would, but it would do so by his own terms. Instead of asking for a monetary compensation of relative value for your funds (your luck, and her husband, Jay-Z, it is valued at more than $1,200 million), called for a payment in the form of shares. Uber took. The movement to ensure that Beyoncé is a small percentage of a company will inevitably rise.

Four years after the. How smart was this decision? We can look back on four years back in time. After a decade of growth consolidated, Uber went public last week through an IPO of more than $8.000 million to $45 for the action. It is a public records developments of the last few years to notice, in spite of its immediate collapse and, in spite of the turmoil lurking in the company.

What and how much they are worth now, the shares of Beyoncé? A lot more than $6 million.

Profits. There is some dispute about the figures. One of the most famous stories shared during the last hours, speaking of $300 million. Is a presumption exciting and part of a misguided basis: Beyoncé is not claimed, of six million shares of Uber, but a package of shares in the amount of $6 million. It is a detail that is crucial to a reduction in their profits significantly: from 300 million dollars viralizados the most likely $9.

Still a lot of money (50%), but not an astronomical number.

Other investments. Beyoncé was not the only celebrity interested in the early growth of Uber. Ashton Kutcher has been a part of the company of 2011. Lance Armstrong, the former athlete, the more prosperous of the Usa, put $100,000 in the year 2009, during the first round of financing Uber. It held back, actions, today, those total would have turned into about $30 million (Armstrong claimed, earned enough money to spoil “rescue your family”).

The examples are many and varied. It was a real battle for the investment in Uber. For Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the daily bread. Their last appearance at the Coachella reported him only $4 million. Why? Part of their remuneration lost, in the form of the rights to a documentary from Netflix,… Of $60 million.

Image: Timothy McGurr/AP


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