WEEK 20: the sister-in-law, about a possible affair of the doctor with Gizelly: “We apoiaríamos”


Sister-in-Law said, he would be the romance of the doctor with Gizelly - photo: TV Globo

Sister-in-Law said, he would be the romance of the doctor with Gizelly – photo: TV Globo

The ability of the Gizelly and Right engaging in a riot, BBB, 20, a lecture with the topic of social media.

In the early hours of the morning this Thursday and Friday (06/02), in a conversation in a room with Who knows and Manu the lawyer said:

“You have to love, to Manu? In the three-month period?”, he asked Gizelly for the maintenance, they responded very positively, what’s the keyword for you: “you are aware that, sometimes, I look to the right, before you sleep and say, ‘oh, my God, I want you to say to say I love you, but you’ll find that I was the crazy one. But since I love you it’s been a while, I think I’m in love with him,” he said.

The confession Links to web-enthusiastic, and ended it, pushing the hashtag #Gicela.

“We apoiaríamos,” says the sister,

At the beginning of the programme, this had taken right, see. Most recently, the blonde bombshell also talked about her boyfriend that she broke up with her before her entry into the house, so that there is no load.

A member of the medical Marianne McGowan he said that he believes that a romance between Gizelly and the law, but it did it when:

“We have seen, shipp (laughs). Law and Gizelly are the best of friends. I think that it’s not going to happen, nothing. But, if it happens, then we will support it. After all, there is no problem,” she said, with the Extra.

On the web, the General public, for the following campaign, and the attention to the hashtag #Gicela:

“You know, if you have a gathering of the faithful?”, he said a fan in the location to publish to be the figure of the two of them. My Gicela is still alive,” said the other. “I thought I was crazy for a shippar, but you can see it all, Gicela,” said the other.

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