Why heavy Sniper in Fortnite, maybe soon znerfiona?


It seems that soon in Fortnite appears to be nerf, that is the weakness of the heavy sniper rifle.

The players like less, is the fact that the heavy Sniper is causing almost as much damage, that the mythical weapon, and it is much easier.

The Community believed that Epic increased the frequency of their occurrence, because in today’s time during the games and, of course, we can find someone who shoots it out of the heavy sniper rifle.

The weakness comes from?

Since the beginning of season 2, Chapter 2, if you look closely was the primary weapon to cause more damage. Even the weapons are not as strong, but, as the players write their already very frequent price changes.

We had ONE patch with low Sniper spawn Council, and then decided to Epic buff the heavy sniper to be near the most common weapons on the map from Fortnite competitive

The congregation repeats, attention turned to a big damage sniper rifle, maybe it occurs too often. This shows, at least to such a clip, as shown below.

Heavy Snipers Are Balanced. from Fortnite competitive

At the Moment, no information from Epic Games about the possible nerfów, which touch the pipe with a heavy rifle. Rather, it is an Initiative of players, the confirm in numbers.

The epic looks, for how much the elimination of the in the play, and for how much damage reacts Sniper. If it turns out, what is really your Problem, then you can nerfów expect.