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In the reign of Gouveia Vieira, accumulate the 8-consecutive terms in office, in Firjan, where it is referred to as the “monarch” (Credit: JOHN LAET)

Selected by the Ministry of economy, Paul’s effort to lead the majority of the people in the System to more modern times, the President of the Federation of Industries of Rio de Janeiro (Firjan), Eduardo Eugenio Gouveia Vieira, it is far and a profile at the time of the mission. The industrial, rio de janeiro, known as the “monarch”, he had a reign of a quarter of a century, the exact 24 years old – in front of the unit, the view, the maneuver, with unlimited reelections. As such, he has a mandate, guaranteed until 2020 and is now looking forward to a new era under the leadership of the institution to keep may be able to ditatorialmente in office for almost 30 years. A Farce, especially in a time when the country is crying out for the transparency and fairness of management. At the end of the Firjan has a budget of US $ 1 billion managed output, with none greater accuracy by the authorized representative that the ship is, literally, a Palace.

It is the, recently, the city of Gouveia Vieira has purchased, in the name of the Firjan, in the old Palace style, own magazine Since de Paula Machado in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, where he and his board of directors, will receive the guests at the exclusive event for the public is at a premium. A mix-up cries out for a new manager is chosen to manage the government, and renew the Sesi and Senai, which the restructuring was determined by the efforts, with the goal to end owner purchases in millions of households with the resources of a System, s, in the purchase of the building and the land the family own magazine, the Firjan spent$ 42.2 million, in addition to another$ 70 million will be used for the retirement of the property. As the king of It. the scallop shell, the building crisis was on the staff of the Firjan still operating in the old town, on avenida Graça Aranha, in the middle of the river.

In fact, the resources used, should be in the nababesco the Palace of the Firjan, applied to the last mission of Sesi and Senai, in the service of the employees of the industry in the state of rio de janeiro. Despite being one of the richest organisations in the country, the Firjan is the one that offers at least a basic education to their members, are offered with 158 positions of the school, while the state by 2018. In high school, on the other hand, the companies under the control of the king of the Firjan” and offered only 119 seats in the entire state.
By the rules of the system, the Sesi is necessary to put aside one-third of the net revenues in the area of education, up to one-half, in the case of the free basic education, and, sustainably. However, the functions that were implemented are, on the whims and self-promotion of the “despots” of the Firjan. A survey about the responsibility of the company, it was found that in the year 2013, expenses for the rental of the jatinhos, and helicopters and almost three times more than what was expected, going from R$ 191 thousand to$ 489 thousand. It. the scallop is to use a rule to travel by helicopter for a meeting at the rio-Niterói bridge, or jatinhos for your regional trips, particularly for trips to Brasilia, and he refuses to, the aircraft in his career.

Gouveia Vieira, came in sight of the Lava-stream, after reporting Rogério Araújo, the Director of Odebrecht, a re-superfaturamentos

The cost for advertising astronomer century. The unit will spend 28 billion dollars in the year. The Federal court of auditors (TCU), and from 2015 there is a backlog in the presentation of the accounts of the Sesi-rio de janeiro, reported that it issues according to a statement of the distribution of resources. The Firjan will also be sponsoring the traveling back and forth from the city of Gouveia Vieira in the centre of Paris. He goes to France at least five times in the year and will be housed in the Plaza Hotel Atheenee, the most expensive in the French capital, with the day-to-day up to 4 billion dollars, paid for by the authority.

The salaries for the ultra-rich

In a kind of Pact with the other officers, and funcionáros the level of the authority, the city of Gouveia Vieira, pay the salaries of the very rich, up to R$ 100 thousand on a monthly basis to the Director-General, and high above on the ceiling and the constitutional order of R$ 33 billion. According to the judgment of the court of auditors (TCU), which was released on November 16, 2016, serious allegations were leveled, the administration of the city of Gouveia Vieira, especially in the area of the supersalários. Only in the period between 2008 and 2010, the authority had diverted to R$ 60.7 million in prices and wages, which is considered non-authentic.

In addition to all these offences, the city of Gouveia Vieira is joined in the cross-hairs of the Operation Lava Jet in the river in January, after the reporting Rogério Araújo, the Director of Odebrecht, the limited circumstances in which the works superfaturadas of the Petrochemical complex of the state of Rio de Janeiro (Comperj). The President of Firjan, visited the dignity, the irregularities in the construction of the plant next to the former Governor, Sergio Cabral, to be caught in the river, for a number of criminal offences of corruption. The researchers from the Lava flow, are fascinated by the changes in equity in the area of the old monarchy in rio de janeiro. The king is naked.