According to Shakira, Liz Dany field would work with another well-known singer


To dance the barranquillera, who taught him, champeta, Shakira showed off at the premiere of ‘colorful’ with his plans.

10 Mar 2020 9:00 PMFrom:

To dance the barranquillera Liz Dany field, who taught him, champeta singer Shakira for her presentation at halftime in the Super Bowl, the showed at the premiere of ‘La Movida’, you are between your plans, along with other famous artists. He also spoke of how the hand of glory and filtration video intimate have.

“Now I can’t leave I’m on the road with my friends like before, because practically, I have to enjoy to hide me, to have fun, dance, laugh“said the dancer.

Liz Dany stressed that “I also enjoy that the people you take you take pictures of me to admire, I halen. But, as with everything, you also need your space”.

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“I was proposed, as three super-wow, that is amazing. I know that I will succeed with the grace of God. I have a contact (…) very important, ( … ), the choreographer of Beyonce. In one of the studies, Shakira says, I want to go with himthat he wants me to be and not wasted want,” says the dancer.

Liz Dany also stated that she has two mothers: the biological and the education. “My grandpa always work esmeraba, it was cages, and always drew some of the German language food file,” reported the barranquillera. But he added that the man lost his sight and your family has faced difficult economic times.

The dancer to the conclusion that that is what most want, you to the apartment of her mother.

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