And also in a bikini! Shakira will be in Miami in a way that you should not


The Colombian could not remain unnoticed and in Miami. Much less, when you find next to Pique, and the way that no one expected. There are several photos of both the purchasing as well as in a bikini.

Now you will be very, followed by Florida, Usa, singer. Everything is there and is already preparing for the show of the half-time break of the Super Bowl in 2020. Therefore you also Jennifer Lopez seen in a similar way.

Shakira Shakira / Getty Images

The paparazzi do not want to leave, are well advised not known. Therefore, this time earrings made of Piqué and the singer were. The couple fell into the nets of these followers, because they themselves are not wanted in such a way that the people expected of him.

Shakira Shakira, Colombian singer / Instagram

These photos are viralizaron, but they were not the only ones. Appeared in the other pictures, where the Colombian looks in a bikini.

Shakira posing without bra

The first photos of which you speak, were in respect of purchases that were famous. Then the chambers were in the streets of Miami. The reviews were not, because they agreed that the singer appears to be tired and loose clothing.

Shakira shopping

Photos of Shakira in a bikini in Miami

The other photos that were taken, was wearing if you wear a bikini. However, these are, apparently, other holidays are in the past. Then you have shown here.

Although the years pass, the photos of Shakira show that even a woman with a lot of potential. Also the large mass of it still applies.

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