Angelina Jolie: Angelina Jolie-openings on the fear of the health of your children


The actress has undergone revealed in an article for Time magazine that his two daughters have recently surgery

There are less than two months, in the middle of the season awards Brad Pitt missed on the price of the BAFTA and spoke of her Margot Kiddiewho was awarded the prize for Best actor in a supporting role,” the bonds of the family members of the detained in the United States.” There is no doubt who he was in relation to a child, but now you know a little bit more. In an article in “Time magazine”, the actress Angelina Jolie he revealed that his two daughters went for a “medical challenges” have led to the surgery.

Titles such as ” Why do the girls love and respect on the International women’s day,” Jolie deserves to be showed, “I have the last two months, going in and out of the surgery with my daughter (Shilohand just a few days ago I saw your younger sisterZahara) go under the knife for a hip replacement surgery,” she wrote. “You know what I’m talking about, because I respect your privacy. We talked, and she encouraged me to write. You understand that you, they followed you to go through the challenges to doctors and to fight, to survive and to heal, it is something to be proud of,”.

Jolie did not go into detail on the subject of the operation of the Shilohtoday, at the age of 13. Paparazzi photographers have the records of the little girl to go on a crutch, while he was shopping with his mother and younger sister Hotel. You were buying flowers.

Zahara there is already an appearance in public at the side of the family, and you can see a slide show of the Cirque du Soleil is an iv-line.

Jolie was enthusiastic about the support that you and your daughters, to each other. “I can see how my kids take care of each other. My youngest son has studied all of the nurses, the care of his sister, to help each other in a row. I saw all my girls, let it all out, to each other, and they were happy to help with those who love you”, the actress wrote in the article.

Especially Jolie is moved by the courage of your daughters dealing with their health problems. “I saw you staring at you with their fears, with the utmost courage. We all know that very moment that no one can help us, and all we can do is to close your eyes and breathe. If we just take the next step or to breathe through the pain, then we support you and we do,” she said, with the experience of surgery for serious, such as the prevention of cancer.

The girls are on the mend, and has admitted, to parents, to promote in the text, is a Sisterhood.

The actress also thanked his family for their support and he closed the article by encouraging the friendship between the girls. “My wish today, on International women’s day, is that we have a value for the young girl. You take good care of them. I know that the more you grow, the healthier you will be and the more you will retribuirão for the family and the community,” he wrote.