Anne was his coming into the world, and he was the 1. baby born in the city in the year 2019 a Day in the Region


Anne, Alice, Brigolin Paula rustled in this world. Planned for the 17th. In January, he came in the 1. at 00h25) – the first baby of the year born in the city. It is the company of the brothers, He, tom and Lorenzo. How would you describe your father raspinha in the pan”, the latter a daughter that he and his wife have.

A make-up artist, Tatiana, Brigolin, 39 years old and an electrical engineer, Carlos Eduardo De Paula, 39, live in the border of Minas Gerais and were together in the last ten years. They were already the parents of Him, 20 years of age (the biological part, the core, Carlos, 9 years old, and Lorenzo, the 4 – caçulinha it would be a last desperate attempt, a little girl, but the couple decided not to have an operation to prevent pregnancy, in the hope to have a baby. At the beginning of 2018, at the latest, they decided to try one more time to color the world in pink color.

Anne and Alice were born in a caesarean section in the Hospital Beneficência Portuguesa, with over 45 inches, weighs 2.6 kilograms. “It was an emergency. I was broke in the house of my father-in-law, at about 22h (31) and the bag. My sister-in-law is a nurse, ‘you can go to the hospital. We went to the Black River, we called our doctor, and she (Tatiana) has checked-in with the extension, and went to the op center,” says Carlos. “Now I have a new boss in the house. It is a bit bravinha,” he says.

The parents chose the name, Anne, and Alice, because they think it is cute. Anne, a derivation of Anna, meaning “full of grace”. Alice was the third most Brazilians chosen for the girls in the year 2018. There are a number of meanings: “true”, “true”, “born noble” and “the girl is so pure.”

The mother and daughter were dismissed on Wednesday, may 2, and it was back to the house. According to Carlos, the brothers of the little they are very satisfied with their arrival. “Everyone is waiting, everyone is the Princess kiss.”


The small comes in a world that is troubled, but with the hope for the people, as a woman, who lived in Brazil and returned a wallet full of money, to create the parents of seven children, and the progress made in the treatment of cancer and the increasing number of transplants. The message to bring that, as the birth, and also to life. “We expect that everything will be better, that it would take a little bit of direction, and our children grow up in a family environment and the future we want. We always hope for the best for the family,” his father said.

In previous years

According to the transparency Portal of the Registrar’s office the Registrar’s office, recorded 6.115 births in the registry office of the city in the year 2018, more than 5.911-of-year 2017 as a whole. Already in the year 2016, according to the Brazilian Institute for geography and statistics (IBGE, in Portuguese), 5.711 babies have been born in the city. In 2015, you have to 6038, and, in 2014, were born in 6.015.

Anne, Alice, was the first of the many souls that will come out in 2019.