Beyoncé and Jay-Z: the partner in the billions and infidelity


Successful and millionaires, followed by enthusiastic fans, the fame, the caresses to a good part of the world. However, something is the link between the overshadowed




and other than the infidelity. The proven and rumors.

Just you, the girl that he has a cult of the empowerment of women in the music, sometimes it shows as a woman who is not under the plans of the young. This is one of the reasons why his fans gave him the tour together with the


in the year 2018: a nonsense, from the artistic, not even supported by the need to box since, according to the statistics of the industry, the partner company would dollars in funds something like 1355 million us. It is true that

you are not to speak deprived of the beloved by him in his previous record

and, therefore, was shocking, with the tour taken with the rapper. Maybe a little cathartic to tell on the scenarios. Or be counted.

“Formation”, one of the cuts of Lemonade, the cathartic slice of Beyonce source: YouTube


Is that neither he nor you are not inclined to give interviews, and what you have to say, what they say in their songs.

Lemonade was a work of Beyoncé very best of the industry disc

and he cataloged it as a real feminist proclaimed. He was not, and a short time later editaría


material , with the forgiveness of his wife.

How much of the acumen of the commercial, there was in this exchange of favors through the Windows?

Everything! Something like a soap Opera endure in life, but well served, for the bill. Here any similarity with reality is not running “is pure coincidence”.

Baptized by the music

It all began, to the audience, in the year 2004, on the red carpet of a prize award from MTV in Miami. There were together as a couple for the first time. But the link had time.

They met in 1999, when she was just 18 met. The first years spent had. The member of destiny’s Child, had a strong depression, with which he fought for two years in your life. In the depths of amplified, the singer could spend days without leaving the room. Were various reasons that led to this image, but, without a doubt, the best known is the resolution of the band was at the time, and public accusations, you yourself are the cause for this breakage. The call is usually, with its B-side, stressful, lonely, and creepy. “I felt alone, without a band and think that no one would love me as I am, but my glory,” he declared. But sad, lonely and final, announced, this, of course, it was not so.

The history of it, are successful as you are. He is the most successful rapper of the last decade. But, personally, suffered from the misfortunes and loving, to meet, by a judgment by, allegedly, stabbed to death, her producer, to hack after the charges against him, of the material. The penalty was less, but the stain remained.

The relationship of Beyonce and Jay-Z had its UPS and downs. But what is certain is that both, prior to the conclusion of the couple, they had worked together and each other in their careers. Appeared in “Crazy in Love”, the first single-handedly by her, and also in the “Deja Vú”, cut her second album


(2006). They, then, had the to him a hand on “03 Bonnie & Clyde”, which is also in

The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse


Beyoncé Ft. Jay Z – Crazy In Love” Source: YouTube


It is said that the skirmish started in the year 2002, two years before they appear formally. But did you know how to hide: will not be displayed, was the best. It is known, intrigues, generates good dividends, or, at least, attraction multiply fanatics. “The less I say, the more I will follow” is a good formula. Well,

what prevented you that you are not in possession of a so open, that they were together?

She says she was reluctant to disturb the fearful glory, he’s a rapper, seducía from all sides. Some of it had.

Little and nothing, were together in the beginnings of that romance. Even today, non-fans, go back to the legend to see where fashion in the circles of the family or a dinner for all. He told the magazine “People”: “With our relationship, we play”. In the year 2004, is the thing officially and for the public, but not more answers. Was not a question, show all: pure coherence between saying and doing

On 4. in april 2008, the couple married in link to the absolute mystery and the closest friends. Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin, Rihanna and Chris Brown were some of them.

The decision to have the party of a proposal of him, if you had a rest together in Cannes. The date was the inspiration for a name


an album of the producers. In addition, both born on the 4th of day. Cabuleros to do so.

Family millionaire

In august 2011, during a performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, Beyoncé announced her first pregnancy.

In January 2012, the first of the couple’s daughter Blue Ivy Carter was

. While lucky is above the new life in the family, the record company, the hallowed, than the few millions of the music, which by the bulky heritage acquired fruit from the success of their career. By 2017, Instagram is the platform of choice was for you to preach that

I was pregnant with twins

. 14. July of this year, and from the same social network,

he showed the photograph of Sir and Rumi Carter, the day the small fulfilled one month of life


But this is all not to eat partridges. There were not many occasions in which the rumors of a crisis came on the front pages of Newspapers, magazines and tv gossip. Still, fans of the multiplication followed, and it is bearing: the, you laid next to him and the love they formed. The girl from Houston, and the kid from Brooklyn, the all went. And, because of the stringent low-profile, with nobility. For 2015, made a business failure caused him great losses: a streaming platform, the two would be the owner not working as it should. The crashed would have led the couple in a deep crisis

the subsequent infidelity of him, then transferred him to the public


Solange Knowles, sister of Beyoncé, hits Jay-Z source: TMZ


Jay-Z confessed to The New York Times: “Our art was almost like a therapy session”. He was very brave in the support of infidelity. And the cost to the public has not paid for, at least, on the level, was so high.

Controversial. This is the word that best defines. In the past year, the remake was launched for the

On The Run

a tour performed, in a first edition in 2014. The idea of the show is not only commercial, but also value, to some extent, reinforce the image of the couple in the collective unconscious. And show how well they could overcome the pitfalls of your case. A tattoo on the ring finger of both sealed again by the union, after the birth of twins.

What tatuaron?

The number 4 is could not be, as it is different.

Together we are stronger: Beyoncé and Jay-Z in the scene
Together we are stronger: Beyoncé and Jay-Z in the scene Credit: The Grosby Group

Not that there are only a few gurus, self-help to mention that Beyoncé and Jay-Z as examples of overcoming and resilience. On your are between these women know what they want, overcome the pain with the height and draw to transfer from the art, the message you want, in a world in which paradigms are in the discussion. The, for its part, is not only a respected career as a producer and a singer, but she writes of their creativity during the joint work with his wife. Also Jay-Z has been a model of man, can assume that your errors, ask for forgiveness and you are betting on the reconstruction personnel. Century XXl pur.

The Carter’s, the new record from Beyonce and Jay-Z source: YouTube


The millions who checked in are well-protected, success seems to accompany you. And the peace of the family a very good time enjoying. The children had so much to see that Beyoncé Giselle Knowles and Shawn Corey Carter continued. Triumph on the stage, but also in the intimacy of a strict life in the low-profile, the door to prying eyes. So it drives the couple of thousand million, and a well-known infidelity.

In addition,