Billie Eilish, Jennifer Lopez and daughter Emme poured in a tender embrace


Billie Eilish is one of the artists of the moment. With the support of the massive audience, as she is an artist with personality and innovative, rebellious, and pleasure of the disrespect her trademark saw in her. The criticism and the pros have also fallen at his feet, so as a colleague. The last photo of Jennifer Lopez in addition to your daughter
Emme and the Californian singer is proof of that.

And Billie Eilish has become a role model for millions of young people around the world not only will you hear your music, but you have accepted to dress their particular way. The oversize look and the mane are colored, colors, with green as the protagonist, are already regular customers.

Billie Eilish at the Grammy Awards 2020

Billie Eilish at the Grammy Awards 2020
(Jordan Strauss / GTRES)

The phenomenon of Billie Eilish has spread worldwide and, of course, also came, the children of celebrities. Emme, sister of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, is a big fan of the artist and to know to fulfil your dream: you.

JLo, he came to the concert, the Billie Eilish offered in Miami at 9. March and then he had to welcome access to the area of the dressing rooms, the artists in person. The photos of the moment has hung up in Instagram to be excited.

JLo, her daughter Emme and Billie Eilish

JLo, her daughter Emme and Billie Eilish

The release of Jennifer Lopez consists of two snapshots are almost identical, where we see a hug collective the main role of the singer from the Bronx, and his daughter Emme and Billie Eilish. The girl is in the middle of the two and, although you will see the face, you can the excitement that I felt.

The small Emme seems to be crying to have his idol at his side. Billie Eilish and Jennifer Lopez also happy with this encounter, has led to that the girl could know, one of their biggest idols.