Dating in Fortnite was serious, secret changes? Player respawn play in the half


It seems that one of the most popular player modes was secretly changed.

Player Fortnite reports that Epic Games, probably, changed the nature of the game search in Naparzance. It is not known whether there is an error or a conscious action, but more and more people the Clips post show strange accession to the games.

Change matchmakingu in Naparzance

Naparzanka it is commonly used for the manufacture of missions. Now is difficult. Mainly because the System of the elite, you can throw in already running games. How does it look?


It is not known whether it is patched or how it should look. Many people confirm that, really, Respawn in the middle of the game.

“It’s not very Fair that I collect quietly weapons or materials.” – comment on the user Reddita.

In fact, we are not talking about very предпринимаемого Naparzance, while such a change will certainly have a negative impact on the popularity of the regime.