Fenty: the new exclusive brand for clothes of Rihanna


Continue to be a success for Rihanna. And that’s when someone shines like a diamond she is. The singer she was the first black woman in history, it is a luxury brand from paris there the first pieces of clothing showed off in their exclusive brand Fenty in a shop in Paris.

Fenty is the family name of the singer and decided to take his brand would name this. Among the things you can find are clothing, apparel, accessories and shoes. In the area Le Marais in Paris is already available, but the best thing of all is that it will also be online, and this will be debut at the upcoming 29.

“This is a historic moment. Means a lot for me and my whole generation”said the singer, 31 years old, at the first presentation of Fenty.

The matrix Code is in Paris. “They were flexible enough to allow me a different perspective on the way I wanted things. Coming from a single source, the so-traditionally, in the fashion (such as LVMH), don’t you think that there is no other way that works, and you have allowed me to do that.”

Some critics said that Fenty has been named as one of the first fashion house in the era of Instagram.