Izabel Goulart and Jorge take part in the marathon Paris – the age


Spirit, rocking out in a practice on the side of the triathletes, Fernanda Keller and George (photo: Handout)

The owner of one of the bodies of the most beautiful places in the world, from the fashion to the top Izabel Goulart miss fitness was, and the way a lot of young girls, with her perfect body and a healthy life. Proof of this is the more than 2 million followers, than the beautiful ” on his instagram, and the more than 70-thousand, which, on average, your blog posts on this topic.

Her George, Elizabeth, and Starred in one of the intervals with high intensity workouts in the streets of Paris (picture: Handout)

It was such a success, that of the spirit, he decided to reconcile its pivot point on the runway of the label’s most sought-after in the world and the race tracks. After participating in a race that Nike promotes in London, the Nike women’s-and 10-mile runs in an incredible 53 minutes, it is nice to take a break from the fashion in Paris during the week, prepares next to his coach, the one who is a triathlete Fernanda Kellerthe participation in the race, Nike we Run Paris.

Elisabeth, Nina and George take part on Sunday (11) in the Nike-we Run Paris

But this time, you are not alone and you have to run to the side of the singer Seu Jorgethis will go along with it, the hits of the shortest amount of time possible. The end of the race, which will take place this Sunday (4th) at the Paris center of the model, seu Jorge, and all the employees of Paris Saint German x are still visible in the original-Olympique de Marseille, Parc des Princes stadium.