Izabel Goulart connects the moat and the fanny pack since its debut the shoes in a look, in a unique structure: ‘young in prison’. Pictures!!!


Have you noticed that the page is on the rise in the productions of the famous carnival in Brazil? Spirit, But it was more of a bet on the appeal of the fashion, the look is full of personality and you will enjoy Our cabin, in the Marques de Sapucaí avenue during the second day of the parades in Rio de Janeiro, combining a chunky snearkers, these shoes with the modeling of a giant neck, the belly, the pants and the post office, and a fanny pack, an accessory which goes high for the time of year. “It is Brazil, it is summer, it is a unique structure! This outfit is more boyish, sporty shoes, and the pants comfortably, and with a “carbon footprint” street style,” she explains in an interview with the Pure people the model, who is a team that can help you organize your looks, “I have a team, and you think of everything”

“I’ve come to feel that it is a unique structure,” says

A in Paris, France, at the top, also stated that this is the first year that you may be able to take advantage of the fun, in fact. “This is my second time at the unique structure. Another time, I was only 2 hours, because I had a flight for work, but today, it came out, and to feel that it is a unique structure,” said the artist, filmed, danced to funk music with Bruna Marquezine, during the show of compassion in the vip area. Spirit, he says in a short dialogue with the participants on Sunday morning (04), awakens in her the desire to travel in the future. “When I got there, I saw people coming in from the street, it has an energy that is amazing… I’ve Seen people in sainda, with a dedication and with an emotion, with no shoes on, it was great! I thought to myself, ‘I think I want to feel that excitement one day,” says the model, who has a body of a compact.

The groom does not accompany him or her for work: “about the holidays in July and December

The bride-to-be goalkeeper Kevin Trapp of Paris Saint-Germain, Isabel explains to the athlete that does not enjoy very passionate about Brazil, but you can join the fun. “Unfortunately, he was never able to go to the carnival. At work, he has a week of vacation in July and one in December, and at the end of the year, and he was always in Brazil,” says the artist, who has arranged to select a surprise for the keeper of the anniversary of the 28. Year, in July of last year.

(The calculation of the Patrick Monteiro and the text Marilise Gomes)