Jennifer Lopez and the adequacy | stage


The size is measured not in awards, hard drives, or millions of visualizations. So it has become (again) the diva global Jennifer Lopez, without fear, to show to admit to weaknesses, special way, vulnerable in the eyes of the General public.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, which airs during Oprah ‘ s 2020 Vision Tour in Los Angeles, JLo to know you from your torment, that it had not been a nomination for the Oscar. Had read free Newspapers that had the candidacy, and some almost announced. But the reality was very different and felt a great disappointment.

The best, what came after, because JLo mind that there were several factors that placed the focus of his life on a price, registration, rotunda of other about Oscar: “no, you don’t need that, do you what you love (…) I don’t need this award to tell me that I have enough,” she said in the interview about the reflection that came after.

It is not the first time that Jennifer Lopez talks about the issues that really matter. In 2012, when interviewed in Panama, said that the concept of the show was in connection with “the love, enjoy life, with a new start and never give up”. He, like strength, where it was important, “today, live and love today”. The here and now.

I repeat, what JLo, Oprah said: “I need this award to tell me that I am enough.” And is that the sense of appropriateness is one of the great sufferings of the people today, from beliefs that disturb us, the thoughts, habits and everyday life.

There are different beliefs of this kind, in connection with the ability of the worthiness or the ability to choose between them: “I can’t”, “If I try, I’ll fail”, “I have No age for it,” “Nobody loves me” and “I am Not enough”.

But there are also beliefs potenciadoras, which will help fly us to a successful life, constructively and in solidarity. Only we need to build in order to aid more effective. I, myself, found from a study of the masters of personal development and leadership.

It is encouraging that a symbol be used as one of the world’s JLo very clearly the question of the adequacy of, and also not, feel free to Express your ideas, fears, and uncertainties. The saying of the poet and philosopher Criss Jami, “to share your weakness is to be vulnerable; vulnerable is to show your strength.”