Jennifer Lopez is wearing the nail Polish nails, the power in your fingers to ms and rejuvenates your hands


The singer combines a manicure purple with eye shadow in this palette and promises to be one of the two make-up ms copied

Updated 09/03/2020 10:56

Each manicure, which she sees Jennifer Lopez it is the object of desire, but, you just look at the last time even more, because its color has a rejuvenating forces hands, and the combination with eye make-up in the same row, the a row, a trend that has certainly not come to stay in the light of this new season. The mitch-match the game of the pairs between the eye shadow and nail Polish nails in this hue of purple, the power in your fingers, ms long, the hands, and has a strong lifting effect in your look. We will tell you how to copy the look.

The singer Jennifer Lopez new a new do beauty discovered rejuvenating effect and makes your fingers, ms long and beautiful a surface, ms bright through the effect of their color. We talked about your manicure purple and your eye shadow in this shade makes a good face and makes your hands ms long for the new season.

The manicure, the singer was carried out of the manicure Tom Bachik who shows us that the purple will be a basic beauty, what is the claw concerned, can, and must, in connection with this same tone, with our shade of the eyes through their powerful effect lifting and extension of the fingers.

And is that in the last few weeks, this trend beauty match combine went the same color of uas and shadow, slowly gaining strength and ms to wear in this color, purple bright, and we because we the start-up.

“Beautiful purple. Look monocromtico in lavender for @jlo” has written the number one in-mouth, Tom Bachik on your account of Instagram, by the way, the new look of the singer and star of the “crooks”.

And not wrong, violet and lilac two shades of violet are that we will be everywhere in the upcoming spring / summer of 2020, both in looks, fashion and beauty. IF you want to, you dare with him, we offer you this beauty-to-copy products, the look, the both for manicure as well as eye make-up. Ms to highlight the purple in your eyes accompanied your eyeshadow with multiple layers of mask eyelashes give your eyes a most effect.

When setting a shade of lilac, Jonathan Flores, make up artist of Sisley we guarantee that it works on all types of complex ions, and colors of eyes, all in green and brown tones. “We can still gland a touch in these tones with a bit of shadow in metallic purple, with effect illuminator in the tears, in the middle area of the prpado mobile and arch of the eyebrow. As support, even more than looked at that and the sound of the eye”.

The colors of the eyeshadow lilas ms clear ms light and with the purple ms dark, a touch of ms claim, you can accentuate and give depth to your eyes, and you can use it as an eyeliner to outline the environment of the eye.

“For the textures, I insured personally like to combine both, as a cream powder, and mix the soil texture, the impact of irisados and matte on the skin constant”, us Flowers.

To get a result, without error and not purple or purple on the shiner, apply a light base corrector in veko mobile and works the shadows posndola the product moving to avoid.

And “if at the end of makeup, the eye wastes in the area, the shiner would have, you try to first clean the excess and then aplcate corrector and as a final touch, it is advisable to reinforce the end with an illuminator in the region, even more brightness, and distinguish the features of the the shadow of the tonus of the skin,” concludes Flowers.

Lacquer uas-Play Date ” by Essie (11,99 euro). This nail Polish nails, the color purple is your best bet to carry, at all hours, and has a shiny surface and more intense, and the brush fits any size ua for an application without patches.

Paint u
Lacquer uas-Play Date ” from Essie. Essie.

Lacquer uas-Purple Ray of Chanel (27 euro). Ultra embellished this varnish uas-purple, and the claw protects with their bright colors. Each plant supplies painted with the result, and absolutely homogeneous.

Paint u
Lacquer uas-Purple Ray from Chanel.Chanel.

-Lilac You Mean It Orly (13 euro) a purple mother-of-pearl and light-ideal for your claw and take it away.

Lilac You Mean It
Lilac You Mean It ” from Orly.Orly.

Palette 5 Couleurs Pink vibration 167 of Dior. To celebrate the arrival of spring, the eye shadow palette 5 Couleurs Pink Vibration 167 of Dior (62 euros), alive with the vibrations of the music: the subject vibrates, like the rhythm of a song. On the skin that is not dust perceptible, and the color are mixed, whereby a film is incredibly fine, with a duration of spectacular. A variety of textures in a single carrying case, processes to veko with a game of overlays. The pigments are compacted dust with the binder and the agents provide a sensation of creamy under the fingers.

Palette 5 Couleurs Pink vibration 167 of Dior.
Palette 5 Couleurs Pink vibration 167 of Dior. Dior.

Snap Shadows-Mix & Match eyeshadow Palette from Fenty Beauty (25 euro). With rich colors and slight blur, contains preferably a violet intense matte finish, all shades of eyes.

Snap Shadows Mix
Snap Shadows Mix Fenty Beauty.