Katy Perry details shows your commitment with Orlando Bloom


Katy Perry with finally details of her engagement Orlando Bloom and as I compared it with Kanye West and your sign of love to Kim Kardashian.

According to the magazine vanity the singer, he assured, stressing that the actor was very nervous and developed a plan to ensure that you are giving him the “Yes”.

“It was Valentine’s day,” said Katy during an interview in a British radio station, “and I had to work all day. I remember myself with him in this restaurant is Italian and I only had in mind to put your face in the pasta hunger had.”

He added that all of a sudden it looked very elegant, shaved and without tennis, and what immediately thought that something was going on.

You will see, looked very nervous and it seemed that cost, even breathing, told the cantanta, California.

“In a few minutes, I was asked in a helicopter, and Orlando went for me, basically, to marry me, with him. We landed on the roof of a building, up and down, until the first plants. And there were all my friends and family, surrounded by flowers. I had never seen in my life!” he added, Katy.

In spite of the detailed history of the ordered double bed room, the famous, the have not yet spoken of a date for the wedding.

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