Katy Perry plagiarized a song and this is the dollar amount that you music need to pay |


The plagiarism of ‘Dark Horse’ it is very expensive, the singer of 34 years

Katy Perry

is committed, a penalty millionaire numbers are found guilty of plagiarism by the song “Dark Horse”.

To pay according to Billboard, the interpreters to your staff and record company 2.78 million dollars the rapper Christian Marcus Graywho is accused of Perry use the basis of his song “Joyful Noise”.

The amount was determined, based on reproductions of digital platforms, the sales of the simple and the disk, as well as the revenue of the soloist in the concerts of the Witness Tour in 2017 and 2018.

The jury suggested that “Dark Horses” has 45% of the rhythmic base and instruments of the topic, the rapper, the reason why Marcus Gray, formerly known as Flame, has called for a fair share of the royalties.

Although the team of Katy Perry prior to the insured who have not yet heard the song, the authorities are guilty, the singer found after five years of judgments, and lawyers.