Kylie Jenner, stunning dresses for you and your daughter Stormi


Kylie Jenner is characterized by show, always impressive, so showed Christmas wearing a stunning dress made to measure as her daughter Stormi.

The least controversial clan Kardashian Jenner it is a young entrepreneur of only 22 years old, but in such a short time, became a millionaire, thanks to his company.

Was Kylie, a single mother, then your friend Travis Scott he refused to marry her, because he wanted to also existence continues to be your single.

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Fortunately Kylie Jenner you have the option of keeping your small Stormi who has stolen more than once, the eyes of thousands of people, because it really is a beautiful little girl and very curious.

The dresses they used, are to Christmas you really beautifultone-on-tone emerald both desumbraron with them, because of the cut of Kylie had an opening quite steep in the leg, accompanied with Slippers, in the same tone and a beautiful diamond necklace (probably).

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Instead Stormi in spite of that it is not for nothing, the dress of its mother, in accordance with the cut it looks beautiful.

“Most wonderful time of the year thank you @ralphandrusso the dresses are custom”, description and translation of the publication of Kylie.

Thanks to your assets is pretty wide the youngest Kardashian can afford certain gifts for you and your daughter, without you in spite of for nothing, because your Empire can afford, what you and your daughter want.

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Both Kylie, as his daughter, Stormi constantly trend on social networks, the last of the surprises, the learned, the internet was play the house, that would be actually more of a villa for children, since they “Casita” it is on two floors, has a balcony and is fully equipped to play for hours and hours, even an adult can respond.

The grandmother of Stormi said that was the house of the own, Kylie and had the task of renovating some things, Stormi was able to play in them as in the time he has your mother.

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