Other films in the Marvel comics? Plans for Angelina Jolie is to be revealed of the future


The hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and all the signs are that fly that you are planning even higher in the next few years.

According to page Six, Angelina Jolie’s new partnerships and diversify their contacts, to produce a lot of new stuff in the future, far beyond the role of an actress, the in Evil: the mistress of Evil, the big highlight of the last few years.

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Brad Pitt was not accompanying at the award ceremony to the surgery with her, but Angelina Jolie has ignored the gesture,

According to page Six, Angelina Jolie has a contract with the Agency WME – William Morris Endeavor has. It is through him that the actress has plans to launch a series of books, documentaries, and other articles, and so much more in the next few years.

The production of Angelina Jolie, the areas with themes dear to the actress, such as the right to education, protection of refugees, and taking care of children in crisis.

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“Angelina is supporting the search for a global company to their global ambitions… she wants to branch out and grow. All of this is about Angelina’s help in the creation of a platform to his or her knowledge in a number of humanitarian causes, international…

You ask yourself, ‘How do I use my platform to more people involved and invested in the cause?’ The discussions will revolve around the documentary, film, books, events, lectures, and films, speak for a cause,” said a source to page Six.

In addition to the new jobs, Angelina Jolie its strong as an actress is to continue. That is, in the Marvel comics, the debut at the end of the year. In this year, she also stars in the film, Who wants Me Dead.