¡Pillada bestial Jennifer Lopez! Look at that, that he sees: o the scandal of max.


07. February 2020
(13:55 CET)

Jennifer Lopez “with her great body on the spectacular 50 years and don’t you love a particularly great guy. And it is undeniable that at her age, and wears a stunning appearance. Only a few and only a few are able to, so a good half-century old.

The singer knows it perfectly. And it is these celebrities the like to the staff outfits and cheeky aesthetic. With a transparency here or a debate opening up there, JLo you know, that tension of the chaos and focus everyone’s attention.

Jennifer Lopez enjoys great guy thanks to his sacrifice

And not only that. The diva Bronx you know that there are movements by small appearances, escandalizarán on. And in this sense, the us-American also plays often with the expressiveness of your body.

Something that you get, with due regard to their-hour fitness center and a balanced and healthy diet. It is no secret that new York is often a gymalone or in the company of your life partner Alex Rodriguez. And often you hang pictures in your account of Instagram displayed the the big guy.

Jennifer Lopez goes with Photoshop

Nevertheless, some say that the plastic surgeons there is also had to see that JLo can boast of, physical, explosive. Claim that the sessions, a scalpel, a large part of the debt that you could remove the hiccups, if you are a diva in the Bronx.

And not only that. Blame the celebrity throw hand of the Photoshop in many of his pictures. And share the images, as shown below, in which it is pointed out that “it was the hand”. The subject, the stranger who sees them, in the belly and it seems to be the end of the work only too well.

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Jennifer Lopez Photoshop hole