Rebecca and Connie, the double of Shakira, JLo, caused a stir after the Super Bowl: we are talking with them


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Shakira (43 years old) and Jennifer Lopez (50) have already made history. To be included in its already extensive and proven career in the scenarios, exactly a week ago, a success story in the break of 15 minutes you can reach the famous panorama in the world: the halftime of the Super Bowl. Two women with Latin roots sat, dancing in Miami and the rest of the planet. The impact of the already legendary performance has been noticed, so that your double-or imitadoras official, the impact on her flesh.

Rebekah Maiellanoknown in the world of art as a Shakibecca, and Connie Peñaclone absolute diva from the Bronx, and a witness were such as his reputation in networks has increased significantly since the great finals in american football. The virtual world has discovered and the double official international of the two.

The chains of the American tv assumed already that such successes and what they knew the name of the artist for the Super Bowl went with Rebekah and Connie: “We both were to realize our performances on the program Wake Up America of Univision, in Miami”.

Above, real JLo and Shakira; at the bottom of the double officers, Connie and Rebekah.

Above, real JLo and Shakira; at the bottom of the double officers, Connie and Rebekah.

But, who is the double of Shakira and JLo are? The imitadora-singer Hips don ‘ t lie is venezuela, while in Mexico, she studied journalism and small-on your fan. On the other hand, the woman is identical with Jennifer Lopez born in the United States, but descent, Peruvian and in life, I would have thought that she was a day, a tribute to the ex-wife of Marc Anthony (51).

Both act and offer concerts along the length and width of the American continent, because in addition, the stars seem to physically show on the stage. Rebekah and Connie also have a representative, computer-styling, hairdressing and make-up, and you even have bodyguards because the fans of ” real singers approach to believe them constantly that you in front of your ídolas. For this reason, CONFLICTS are know wanted a first hand account of their history and already in contact with them.

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“Since I heard your music for the first time on the radio to my 11 years old, I felt an immediate connection with his voice, his lyrics and his music… If the saw on TV, I knew that she would definitely be my artist of inspiration. And in school my compañeritos class they told me that my smile seemed to himI noticed I looked in the mirror. You me, what you said, because I sang the songs of her on the CD Barefoot in the break; they gathered around me, singing to me hear you,” says Shakibecca their idyll with the Colombian.

However, the story of Connie francis, this is a completely different: “it All started five years ago. I am a entrepreneur of shows and we thought we’d make a tribute to JLo, because everyone said I looked up to her. I sang, danced, and others, but not I took it seriously, Yes, I I make in my business.”

The imitadora Shakira immediately realized that I wanted to grow as the artists look like their idol: “Since the age of 12 already realized presentations on local tv for my country, but without the singing live, because I felt not ready to do it. But it was my 29-year-old, after finishing my studies as a journalist, participating in singing competitions, like Rebekah, that I decided to take my talent to imitate Shakira in voice and dance”. Something for Connie was much higher, therefore, their craft in real as well as in the double just five years ago, but since then no longer can avoid it, every day in the Bronx, go as you are, how you feel and up to spanglish without having to stop.

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Shakira, JLo, the day, the officers of his double.

Shakira, JLo, the day, the officers of his double.

One of the days, stored at the fire, which was both skin in your network, as they knew you on each of your divas. “I’ve met you on two occasions. In my Venezuela-fan, and many years later, in the year 2018 on a Meet&Greet before his last concert in Mexico as a Shakibecca,” says Rebecca, “When you enter the place, where she was immediately looked at me and said: ‘what is my dual, or? You were the one, the wine yesterday.’ and we laughed”. For his part, Connie is also JLo met at a party in the Bronx, was thrilled by his proximity and bromearon be replaced.

Thanks to the Super Bowl, Rebecca and Connie are living a few days of glory because of the large impact had your favourite artist on the competition. But Shakibecca is also reminiscent of a time before one of his greatest successes: “When Shakira sent me greetings, and sent me congratulations through the program Wake Up America and if I had my personal encounter with him in Mexico years after. Before I went on, in the order of Televisa to participate in the competition Parody and that was my internationalization”.

You see this posting on Instagram

The day that @shakira met my loving and respectful tribute to you, called “Shakibecca”! #Tbt 😭🤩✨ . . . In the #año2017, in the TV-series @univision , for its morning show @despiertamerica , decided to surprise our #Shakira showed him; the hand, the computer of this program, and especially, from the hands of the Mexican journalist @tunonaddis (with me in the studios of Univision in #CiudadDeMéxico) and the driver and presenter of the Mexican @alantacher (in the studio of the show “wake up America” in Miami, florida), the best job in the imitation of the artist up to the date according to the criterion of them, the entertainment professionals in #Latin America . This encounter was virtual, carried out as part of the various interviews that Shakira was Mebarak, in #NewYork, for the most important media of the broadcast industry, to promote the release of her album, ElDorado . At this time, a blessed turning point in my personal and professional life… the reward of my love #Shakifan and courage, to keep me fit and show the world what it was a hobby and I decided to convert one of my sources of work, my character Shakibecca “The double international Shakira” . I hope to enjoy it and to inspire, saw, over and over again, as much as I do! Thanks for the love, support and respect, my InstaAmigos. 🤗💛🎶 . . . . #Viral #Top #Shakira #Shakibecca #LaDobleInternacionalDeShakira #RebecaMaiellano #DobleDeShakira #ImitadoraDeShakira #Shakira double #Shakira impersonator #DespiertaAmérica #ShakiraConoceAShakibecca #ShakiraSaludaAShakibecca #ShakiraYShakibecca #Miami #Mexico #SuperBowl #half time show #SBLIV #Shakifans .

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But still full of hangover of the Super Bowl your media interest is at its peak and even so, are: “to work is a definite Yes, now I’m at it, while you answer,” explains Shakibecca. “I’m living a dream, for me it is an honor to identify myself with JLo, the artist is a person who is modest and hardworking and helps his people, that’s why I’m proud of it, even more,” judgment, Connie Peña.

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(For more information: ‘Separated at birth” is the double of Aitana has surprised on the social networks)