Rodrigo Prieto was behind the video “The Man” Taylor Swift


Recently, Taylor Swift, the world was surprised with the video clip of “The Man”, one of the most interesting that you have seen, for many reasons. To start, she headed toooodo, what we see in the four minutes it takes, was behind the production and, of course, was protagonizarlo. And is that not only you went in front of the camera and sang, as many do, they tried to make a message with this video, for the he was as a human being, thanks to make-up and prosthetic managed an impressive result, if you see him, and net not to remember, is the singer.

Of course, the need behind a production, the ambitious miss Swift a little help, especially because they had to be, the review of the plans, and to stand in front of the camera, and told with one of the best, our compatriot Rodrigo Prieto. Yeah, no kidding, Oscar-nominated for Best photography, the recently The Irishman Martin Scorsese was involved in this clip, the pop star on the Comedy in front of a harsh criticism of the machismo.

And how do we know? Now, in a recent video, to see Taylor, he shared with all the world, how responsible is the address of the new video clips that you already know, see images and all of these things, techniques, in which we don’t want us to meters. But in addition to your always Prieto as Director of photography, échandole was keeping an eye on the details, but especially the cameras, the recordings remain exactly as the asked the singer.

If that’s not enough –and this is a very rare–, Taylor Swift, who gave himself as the man wanted all of the instructions and of course the pulled wave, Rodrigo Prieto,, jiar jiar, although not prevented, that you would be an excellent music video. Apparently the talent of these Mexicans is not only recognized in the art of film, but that the most important artists of the present day know, what he does is pure quality. You can see from the video behind the camera then so:


Ahh, if you haven’t seen d, have the video “The Man”, the new single of Taylor Swift’s we are here: