Selena Gomez admires, with your Bathrobe, and all don’t see what you want


The singer posted a picture on her profile of Instagram a striking addition to a very special person

Selena Gomez is one of the singers more recognized overview of the international, and you can see in the huge success that you have your singles, if you are thrown. In addition, your hard drive one of the best-selling positioning on the first places.

And that is, since the beginning of her career as an actress in the chain of children Disney Channelhis whole life has, in connection with the artisteo. To grow with a lot of effort and desire, more in all areas, the boy grows from year to year, like the foam.

Selena Gomez

Very since have each of your steps on the the area of extra-professionalabout everything, what his relationship with the singer was Justin Bieber. Especially because this was a constant back and forth between them, which are their peak with the fall of the actress.

But thanks to the professional help and your family, Selena Gomez managed a residue of his life, and the man that he was. There was nothing to tarnish the work that you are already behind, and also relied on their fans back to the stage.

Selena Gomez

One of the most important pillars in his life was certainly his mothersince its inception, the support has about everything. The two have a close relationship, the break hardly because you or your daughter anywhere.

Recently, we were able to see a picture of two Selena wanted to share in your social networks. The young woman has now more than 5 million fans.