Selena Gomez dedicates a disturbing message for someone special on Instagram


After the exquisite presentation in the American Music Awards, Selena Gomez shared a photo with a description, with dedication especially.

Selena was presented with two of his latest songs “Lots of you to love me” and “Look at her now”although the first song was very criticized, because he got the appropriate performance in the second a standing in the public.

With the participation of red carpet it was really spectacular, because he was wearing a short dress in green tone manzada without sleeves and with a couple of details in the folds, her hair short, wore it loose is what also attracted the attention of the participants.

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The singer is about leaving the world of the mouth is open as he speaks in the social networks of their song “Loose you to love me”, especially your relationship is toxic with your ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber after two years of withdrawal of the scenarios, they made her nervous sobrealieran quite to the point of out-of-tune comes with this song.

“It feels good to be back. Thanks to my whole team and my fans who support me. All of this is for you and by you. love this Chapter #sg2 @, the translation of the description from Selena to love”.

For good or bad of a singer castle good way of their presentation, because the audience broke out in applause, the on your mood.

On your account of Instagram, she shared some key words “This is All for you and through you” but who concerns? because it is not day, no one on this release and your feedback will amount to about ninety and five thousand.


Maybe you are the person to whom he of the photography and the description is between your 162 million fans in a social network, what lasted quite, want, search, followers, followers, may well, in these days a message that you inspire your fans in relation to a person and the publication is not with reference to you.

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