Selena Gomez: “I don’t Know that people believe that are the best singers” | music


The step of Selena Gomez through the program The Kelly Clarkson Show has left big headlines. The soloist, he has begun to have with Rare a new phase of his life and his career in music seems to have found an identity to be proud of after you started very young to be a star in the world.

“Because I’m young, it’s a big part of me that has not had the opportunity, the development of an identity in the usual way. I have constantly tried to make my music better and better, because you know, I don’t know that people believe that it is the best singer. But I’ve worked very hard, and I really love, to form and to create melodies and to make progress. I felt, to say that this was my chance, all the things you wanted to say, how I wanted to say,” said the ex-girl Disney about his new music project.

A confession, surprisingly, by a star has sold millions of records. Who do not trust in his own voice? In reality, it seems that Selena Gomez has an idea of something else is a great singer, or should be, put Kelly Clarkson.

“The best singer in the world, to speak for the whole world, it is the singing is stronger, or the, the, you know, she sings like Whitney Houston every time you go under. The best singer in the world, who are able to inspire you and the various sounds and styles,” explained the singer.

There is no doubt that Selena Gomez is in a stage of maturity in his life. “My hard drive is not a possibility, vindictive, to tell stories, it was just as well, I have to say to me. The people finally know where the inspiration came from.” These were some of the most revealing statements that explains a large part of the creative process and makes it clear that not everything is in your head Justin as the main character has, much less. From his health problems to be aware of both physical and mental, is the confrontation with what has been involved, themselves, and to recover all your evils, your stage, away from the social networks, all this seems to be reflected in the composition of Rare.

A hard disk serves as a catharsis: “I don’t want to talk for the rest of my life, I am very proud to say, I feel stronger than ever and I have found a way to overcome them in the best possible way”. And soon we might have a further proof since, as Selena Gomez was confirmed in The Kelly Clarkson Show is already back in the recording Studio.