Shakira and Jennifer Lopez continue to be the Super Bowl | social media | Entertainment collect fruits then


The artist Shakira and Jennifer Lopez were to encourage the people the audience during the presentation in the “Super Bowl” of the NFL in the city of Miami, but also with revenue from this mega-presentation have received a large profit through social networks and posters with music. The songs of the two are the most popular of different platforms such as Spotify, Apple, Music, and Youtube, among others.

Spotify reported that the music of JLo’s had been, belongs to a 300% longer than normal; how Youtube showed that the presentation of the Super Bowl in 2020 was about 120 million people record video seen on the account of the NFL. MarketWatch showed that in the case of Amazon, the song “Jenny on the Block” was showed the song more assistant “Alexa”, and Amazon Music that the songs of Shakira rose by 300 points. On Twitter, the presentation more than 200 000 explanations were received during the show.


According to the organization, Nielsen, the songs of Shakira and JLo are downloaded more 16 000 times, “Empire” and “She Wolf” by Shakira, and “On the Floor”, “Let’s Get Loud” and “Waiting for Tonight” Lopez, were the highlights. The two singers have also as a trend in the media, Newspapers such as The Washington Post and New York Magazine there have been several publications which have appeared about them in talk shows, one of them was “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” in which Jennifer Lopez admitted that it is crazy.

The two artists continue their own projects. In the case of Shakira, the Colombian began “Champeta Challenge” on Instagram, the dance of the roots afrocaribeñas challenge to your followers. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez is released “Dance Again” a collection of the greatest successes, he was awarded the first place in the list of the Billboard 200 album best seller of the week, and also her acting career, with his last nomination for the Spirit Awards with “The estafadoras Wall Street” and his next film “Marry Me”.

The presentation of the half-time break of the Super Bowl has been cataloged as one of the best in its history, in addition, America will be in Latin, which was also attended by the artists of the genre of urban “Bad Bunny” and “J Balvin” and what is the during the event, which lasted fifteen minutes, it attracted a lot of attention, as were the various Latin American rhythms, without interruption. (E)