Shakira loses an opportunity, with the video ‘like Me’, but announces new music


Even if Shakira is not come, the number 1 in Germany with his subject like together Anuel AA, ‘Me’, you can’t deny that he was a huge success and continues to be in the top 7, almost 2 months after its launch, is platinum in our country and at the global level over the 100-million streaming. To check a little curious, what happens with the video clip for this song sample the hit song from 1992 ‘Sweat (A La La La La Long)’, but met the expectations of only half.

Sony presents it as “a short film, alive, and surreal Director: Drew Kitsch (‘Lover’ by Taylor Swift)”, but in the end, what we see is a short video of the careful photography, iterative and ends, nothing will happen. We are experiencing a trip with the train and what is exciting is that? sitting in the kitchen Anuel AA and higher dinner of the two protagonists, but it does not end move-use the tab in the other direction, say with this letter and complains: “you, you love me, but I feel that I have you”. It is what is known traditionally as “a missed opportunity”.

The good news is that Sony confirmed that “Shakira is recording more music, published and unpublished, is in this year”, and also a new tour in the year 2021. Sure, it will be very successful after the start of the Super Bowl: an intermediate product was seen on Youtube, as he in addition to Jennifer Lopez, because 140 million impressions in the viewfinder of Google.