Shakira presented the 18-year-old that he prepare for the show, the Super Bowl-2020


In the vicinity of hundreds of millions of people all what is to be developed this Sunday in the Super Bowl LIV, in the vicinity, in the city of Miami. But for many, the big attraction will be the usual show for half the time, which is responsible for Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. A few hours after the beginning of the last game between the Chiefs from Kansas City and the 49ers. of San Francisco the Colombian singer presented by Rock Hard stage, Liz Díaz, the young man of 18 years, to dance colombiana, taught him, champeta,, a genre of music and culture in the African district of Cartagena, in Colombia.

Do you want to know, to dance with the woman who taught me, champeta? Is this girl of 18 years, she is my teacher, a huge prof. 18 years, of inclination of palante. Keeps your whole family. Works, now studying to learn English. Has taught me many things. Barranquillera. An ethics of the work is brutal,” says Shakira in a video posted on your account of Instagram, which in addition to the young dancer.

“You are a charming, wonderful,” replied Liz.

“Don’t try this at home,” says Shakira, in English, in the second video on the platform to dance before you begin, with his country man in one of the last tests of the long-awaited presentation.

Liz, who is part of the group of dancers accompanied Shakira and J-Lo on stagealso, your account of Instagram to Express used, your luck in one of the big events of the year. “And then came the big DAY, the most important thing in my life and in my career (…) FROM COLOMBIA PAL WORLD🇨🇴 A BIT of THE TASTE BARRANQUILLERO,” he assured in a message, accompanied by a video test.

With only 18 years, Liz Díaz comes, achieved a great importance due to their talents in the dance; and in a genre that manage to get in last time, a great popularity: lto champeta, which is also captured Shakira.

“Everything is just acting, in order to break the scenario of” with satisfaction”, said the young dancer, and a few minutes of the show, more important is the successful and short career.

Carnival of Barranquilla, by the hand of Shakira

Masks, headgear, the same bulls, tigers, lions, and birds, as well as the characters of the carnival of Barranquilla as marimondas, and the Congo Negroes by artisans in the North of Colombiato accompany the singer during her performance at the Super Bowl.

Shakira, born, met in the city of Barranquilla and it is precisely on this Sunday, 43 years old, jumps into the playing field of the stadium-Rock, Hard Rock, surrounded by arts and crafts developed by the Department of the Atlantic, one of the practices of the ancestors, which is an asset to the carnival in this city, classified by Unesco as intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

The artist, through the mediation of the Secretariat for culture of the Atlantic in the order given, the masks were developed in the record time of two weeks and 20 artisans from the municipalities of Galapa, and loneliness. “We are proud that our craftsmen make a presence in one of the sporting events coordinated on the world. Thank you Shakira for this opportunity to our people,” said the Governor of the Atlantic Elsa Noguera. “The masks were in a record time of workshops in the communities and we are very happy, despite the distance, the cooperation of the artist with the most important, in our music,” he added.

In the Super Bowl, the Colombian Rican origin Jennifer Lopez accompanied by the new-York puerto -, as the artist in Latin, most important today in the world of the spectacle.

At the shows for the Grand finale of the american football it is very common, participate, participants, special guests, in addition to the major artists. In the last few hours, the rumor that the singer was you will be accompanied by the made up of reguetoneros J Balvin and Bad Bunny.

In the past year, more than 103 million viewers associated with the transmission of the Super Bowl, one of the events with the largest popularity in the American television has told in its medium period, with the participation of artists such as Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Prince, Madonna, Coldplay and The Rolling Stones.