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Shakira follow by in the news for their presentation in the part-time the Super Bowl in 2020, in addition to Jennifer Lopez. The Colombian was all the rage due to their clothing, singing, dancing, the removal of language and other moments of the performance.

The nets are filled of reviews, both negative and positive. However, no one could deny that, through their presentation, topics such as “eyes”, “Hips don ‘ t lie”, “Whenever wherever“you shot up on iTunes and other platforms. In addition, various technical media such as the ” Rolling Stone shook as the winner of the barranquillera; without the good show, which she performed Jennifer Lopez.

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Shakira excited about the words of her father, William Mebarak.

Came to the last column, in which the father of Shakira published in the daily newspaper “el Heraldo yet”. William Mebarak of 89 years, he wrote a comprehensive text about the show of the Super Bowl, the influence of the industry in Latin America in the United States and, above all, his daughter.

The emotional letter from William Mebarak, her daughter Shakira

“In the background of the noise, the excitement of thousands of spectators, into a chorus returned, accompanied by the indefatigable, and why not to say that it cries, my heart vibrates in middle school, when you see and experience the fascinating Show of dancers, light, color, and joy, choreographers, musicians, all young people of my bella Colombia,” said don William Mebarak.

Shakira and William Mebarak maintains a very close relationship.

“I can’t stop, expressions, in this column, that in times such as these, the feelings, to weave, to intertwine, the blood draws, as the grandparents have said, and my eyes lost the excitement focused our Shakira, the small of my life, and today in front of the world, “he added.

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Also the husband of Nidia Ripoll did not hesitate to show, what pride is, that he of his daughter, and raised constant work of the singer.

“My insides, I screamed into the silence: so much discipline, delivery, perseverance, effort, daily struggles, obstacles overcome, wear won a commitment yourself and with your country’s battles, so much sensitivity and courage, strength against adversity, to again foot, to invent loyal to his principles, to measure pulse and so much the talent itself, the fruits, the best food. In this moment my heart in a thousand, and was sure that you there on the stage, because, thank God, we were from the same oak wood, from the seeds“being mentioned.

William Mebarak, wrote a column where he highlight in the Super Bowl the year 2020, and not hesitate to the career of her daughter, Shakira.

“Today, the United States are, without saying, the public is already recognizing that the latino has earned the municipality and to the acquired rights, a part of its history, the past, present and future-and as we all and share, on the same table, and our plates are served, for many, not for now”, he ended.

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Shakira, a song to her father, William Mebarak

The relationship between Shakira and her father William Mebarak it is very strong. However, when she was very small, suffered his family a severe blow that changed the course of life forever.

In the age of two years, the Colombian lost her brother in a car accident. The pain of the father was so strong that, if Shakira I had 8 years ago, he wrote the song “Your glasses”, because the father always used sunglasses to hide their sadness.

Shakira wrote the song “Your glasses” dedicated to William Mebarak.

Shakira sings along with his father William Mebarak

December 2018, Shakira because your fans when you share a video in which you and your father William Mebarak appeared from interpreted the song “Domino” Andy Williams.

“87-year-old. Oh how cute is my papa!”, the singer barranquillera wrote in addition to the publication on Instagram.

Shakira and her father

Skakira gives him a surprise to his father, live concert

The Colombian made a bracket to keep your presentation in San Jose, California, to give you a few minutes of joy to a parent, it is that the singer dedicated a few tender words on the day of your birth day.

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William Mebarak was between the audience and the artists decided to ask him to be on the stage. “Today is the birthday number 87 from my father. Congratulations On Your Birthday! I thank God that you are on my side in all these years and still continue to acompañándome me your hand,” said the partner of Gerard Piqué.

Shakira left without money to William Mebarak

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The singer’s father, said that he has always had confidence in the talent of your daughter, why don’t you remain indifferent to, without a cent for the support of your engreída.

In an interview, William Mebarak reported that for the wearing of Shakira on your submissions you had to use your savings, because the Colombian was known, at this time, and no one was there.