The young wife fulfilled his dream: for Beyonce write


When I was 16 years old, the singer Raye, you said to yourself, one day it would be with Beyoncé.

It is an ambition is similar to a child, the space rocket with wheels made of cardboard, and proposes to reach the moon in the future.

But five years later, Kratzer (whose real name is Rachel Keen) has made it: playing song Biggerthe first section of The Giftthe new album of Beyonce for the movie “The lion king”.

“It is amazing how they have designed things,” says scratch on the news beat at the BBC.


Raye has its own successes and great songs from artists like Ellie Goulding, David Guetta, Little Mix wrote, among other things.

But have participated on a slice of Beyoncé, the most significant achievement is without a doubt up to now.

“The whole world in my age group religiously listen to grew up.

“I’ve got Beyoncé, and all of their performances. Earlier cry see your videos“.

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Image captionDepending on the scratches, all the people of his generation grew up with Beyoncé.

A place that is “dark and dark”

Bigger was written, in a camp to write, in the study by Beyoncé, is an event in which composer and producers work all together for a short period of time, to write songs for a new project.

Six people are in the credits Biggerincluding Beyoncé, but Raye says that the song was created by a connection between her and the singer American Stacy Barthe.

“I remember that the two were in a really dark and sad, and we wanted to create something for us,” says scratch.

“We spent two or three hours. It’s 3 o’clock was at night and I remember that the team came from Beyoncé, heard, what, had created that we, up to then, and crazy. It was incredible”.

Even if Raye knew that Beyoncé and her team to Biggernot, he learned that the song was included on the album a few days before the release of the disc.

The young artist British shared their excitement in social networks:

“There were hundreds of songs, and you never know. It was really something special to know that I was the first cut and actually had a video for the song”.

But he kept the collection in front of Beyoncé, while she worked with her, Scratched was supported “outside of one’s self through emotion”.

A lot of work

Starting in 2016, when it became known in the UK for his collaboration with Jax Jones and Jonas Blue Raye, grows up to be a singer very much in demand writer and producer of hit songs.

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Image captionBeyoncé and Jay-Z attended the European premiere of “the lion king” in London.

To avoid scratches, you will see your name in the credits song of Beyoncé the recognition for several years of hard work in the music industry.

“I want you to take me seriously as a writer,” she says.

“I worked very hard to make my way into the conference-composition after in larger spaces, and finally access to a room like this. It is a madness. I touch the sky”.