There was something new from Katy Perry!


During the preparation for their tour of the United States, is A Esposito LALIGERA”, a progress that you are part of their fourth Studio album. The clip was under the direction of Orc and has the participation of Gimena Accardi and Candela Vetrano, Actresses and girlfriends.


“It is a single of the very personal search, say, all, where I come from and in which universes grew up. For those who already know me, is my way, after 3 discs, back to my place to start-begin a new path. For those who don’t know me, is a cover letter. On a musical level, a development overall, because I mix beats and new sounds, the me in Los Angeles with a group of amazing work,” said about this work.

Lady Gaga reissue “ARTPOP”, her album of 2013, but with a change: not included track “Do What You Want (With My Body)”played, together with R. Kelly. New copies of CDS and vinyl records will be released and both versions do not is not part of this song, part of the streaming catalog of the singer of “Shallow”.


Gaga had decided to look at the track in solidarity with the victims of sexual abuse suffered by the American R&B and gave testimony in the documentary “Surviving R. Kelly”.

Katy Perry joins a group of motorcycle riders in their new video “Harleys In Hawaii”. This clip was filmed with the tropical environment in the location, as its name implies, and we can see how artists go with jacket leather motorcycle. Then we see a sunset on the beach, a bar, and several scenes, in warm in addition to your partner in a romantic and funny video clips.


“Harleys In Hawaii” is the third single, what is your next plate, still with no official name, and the one we already know “Never Really Over” and “Small Talk”.

Charli XCX confirmed that already began writing new music. Only a month to have thrown his long-awaited return, his album with the name “Charli” were published after “Sucker” of 2014, and two mixtapes, in 2017, the British singer confirmed his fans already working on new material.


By a post of Twitter, celebrated with their fans the first month of his new album and in addition to commenting that “Charli” would not have a deluxe version, told me that she already focusing on her next album so that his fans can expect the new, while their latest release

Bebe Rexha threw an inspiring video clip for “You Can’t Stop The Girl”, their collaboration for the soundtrack of the Disney movie. This video, directed by Sophie Miller begins with a child to prepare, the entrance to your house, to leave, to run and ends to mention to a group of women walking next to him, more and more numerous and diverse.


While several obstacles, the visual video the most beautiful scenes mix from the new movie with Angelina Jolie-and see this in the cinemas of our country.

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