This is a photo of Beyoncé in a Museum


Beyoncé is a global icon, but never think that you are to the sunset, like a work of art in a museum, but it was a photo for Vogue in the year 2018 elected, to be seen, permanently in the National portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian.

So, what I can confirm Tyler Mitchellthe author of the portraits of the pop star for the collection of september of the magazine. On your account of Instagram, the 24-year-old expressed her enthusiasm:

“A year ago, the floodgates opened. Since everything in this year, it was important to ensure that each piece of this door was demolished. And now I’m was proud to purchased this picture from the National portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian permanently”.

Mitchell has in the first and youngest African-American photographer the implementation of a session for the cover of Vogue, where he was even of one’s own Beyoncé has anyone applying to explore the the.

The iconic image the singer, dressed in a Valentino gold sequins and a headdress by Philip Treacy, appeared in a publisher of eight pages with an interview.

But Beyoncé is not the only public figure that is displayed in this Museum, but also with personalities such as Barack Obama and Rosa Parks.

beyoncé museum

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