Urgent: tabled action on PGR, and FP against Paulo Henrique Amorim, the threat of death jair bolsonaro is


Congressman Otoni de Paula (PSC-RJ), has posted a video on its Youtube account on Monday, the 17th, he said it filed a lawsuit in the office of the Attorney General’s office (PGR) and the Federal police (PF) as opposed to an alleged death threat to the President of the Republic, Jesus is the Messiah, jair bolsonaro, is a journalist from the left and Paulo Henrique Amorim.

In the video, this had an influence on the social networks, the journalist, asks the question: “jair bolsonaro, a palm tree, the other, or is it Flemish?”, and then he goes on to sing: “once flamengo, flamengo until I die. Coming soon!”

If you are talking about the video of the plenary session of the house of representatives, Otoni and was interrupted by laughter from the left side. The Deputy called on the macabre laugh, and he said that it seemed as if the mps were in cahoots with the speech of the reporter.

“I would like to know, whether the death is a proposal of Paulo Henrique Amorim, President of the Republic in a death? For me the physics!”, he explained Otoni, who at this time gave the word to the deputies, Eduardo jair bolsonaro (PSL-SP.

“I want to see if you have killed, Marielle, if you have sometimes they would do, in a joking also his or her bunch of self-way, fairer,” said Edward.

“He is the son of a man who took a knife by a former member of the PSOL, as the son was threatened by a man, and is now threatened again by a jornalistazinho on the left side. Like Paulo Henrique Amorim says, “once Flamengo, Flamengo until I die’, and it is said that the President of the Republic, he would soon die? He is the answer is ” Yes!”


web-page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0GAMsZJKy0(/embed)