Video-Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian in the main role in massive showdown


The things of the control in the Kardashian family, Kim and Kourtney have all of the strong words, a little more and ended up to removed hair.

The images of the strong moment were registered to Keep Up With The Kardashians and be on the new season of the reality show the famous family.

A progress was that the channel E! showed that the moments of the voltage between Ki and Kourtney Kardashian.

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This situation takes a complete surprise to his followers already rumors that Kim wanted to sue them, took his own sister, she has enough strength in the last few weeks, this is after Kourtney not revealed more that she wanted to, as part of reality tv show known to send you to the family.

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The sister of Kim want to burn a life more private, less public, which didn’t bother just, Kim, if you don’t also Khloé, who also confronted to KUWTK.

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The sisters Kourtney said not fair, the situation, and he, in fact, that Kim was planning a lawsuit for breach of contract against her sister.

The new season of the famous family for the first time coming on 26 March and certainly many of their followers are to be careful to witness to the uncomfortable moment between the sisters.